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Angel of Death Azrael Manga

Angel of Death Azrael Manga


Angel of Death Azrael

Alternate Name: Azrael (PARK Jung-Yul)
Year of Release:
Status: Ongoing
Author: KIM Hwan-Chae
Artist: PARK Jung-Yul
Reading Direction: Left to Right
Genre: Action Comedy Drama Mystery Supernatural
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A reaper is a low class god . They exist in a different dimension than those of humans and deemed unnecessary they have not any foolish senses that cause anguish. But one of them is different . He wants to be a human but to do so he has to guide 10 000 000 people to hell

Chapter Name Date Added
Angel of Death Azrael 1 : Azrael, The Angel of Death
Angel of Death Azrael 2 : Death